Maxibright 600W CMH Agro 3K lamp

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Innovative new Ceramic Metal Halide chemistry for enhanced plant lighting.

Must be used only with 600w magnetic ballast, lamp will not work with digital ballasts!!!

Key Features:

  • Prevents stretching & encourages much higher quality growth.
  • More natural formation of branch inter-nodes for increased plant mass.
  • Ideal as both supplementary & stand alone lighting.
  • Plants produce more essential oils, terpenes & flavonoids, to enhance the flavour, aroma & size.
  • Daylight lamp- great for the vegetative stage
  • Agro lamp- incredible for the flowering stage.
  • Fits typical reflectors (with E40 socket)

Powerful High efficiency – 1.6 micromoles (µmol) per Watt


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