Iso-Max extractors incorporate RUCK Etaline motors encased in a lightweight, sound proofed cover. They are compact, have plenty of power and the high pressure motors deliver lots of torque meaning they can easily cope with drawing air through lengths of ducting and carbon filters. These fans are quiet and pack a mean punch for their size. They have 230V 50Hz, and are 690mm (Inc. Spigots) in length.
For absolutely SILENT fan speed control for these fans, check out the Hybrid Controller page.


Iso-Max 150mm 410m3
Air Flow: 410m3
Diameter: 150mm
Amps: 0.2A
Watts: 52W
Full diameter: 230mm
Length: 680mm
Weight: 5.86kg

Iso-Max 200mm 870m3/hr
Air Flow: 900m3
Diameter: 200mm
Amps: 0.6A
Watts: 130W
Full diameter: 260mm
Length: 680mm
Weight: 7.7kg

Iso-Max 250mm 1480m3/hr
Air Flow: 1500m3
Diameter: 250mm
Amps: 0.9A
Watts: 160W
Full diameter: 310mm
Length: 680mm
Weight: 10.14kg

Iso-Max 315mm 2380m3/hr
Air Flow: 2350m3
Diameter: 315mm
Watts: 280W
Full diameter: 350mm
Length: 680mm
Weight: 13.33kg

Iso-Max 315mm 3260m3/hr
Air Flow: 3260m3
Diameter: 315mm
Amps: 3.2A
Watts: 530W
Full diameter: 350mm
Length: 680mm
Weight: 18.52kg