This discounted pack contains all the nutrients needed to work to the Growth Technology Hydro nutrient guide. Grow Guide included. For Soft water.

Small Package Includes:

Ionic Hydro Grow 1ltr, Ionic Hydro Bloom 1ltr, Ionic Boost 1ltr, Nitzozyme 300mm, GreenFuse Root 300ml, GreenFuse Grow 300ml, GreenFuse Bloom 300ml, GreeFuse Humic 300ml.

Medium Package Includes:

Ionic Hydro Grow 5ltr, Ionic Hydro Bloom 5ltr, Ionic Boost 5ltr, Nitzozyme 300ml, GreenFuse Root 1ltr, GreenFuse Grow 1ltr, GreenFuse Bloom 1ltr, GreeFuse Humic 1ltr.

Large Package Includes:

Ionic Hydro Grow 20ltr, Ionic Hydro Bloom 20ltr, Ionic Boost 20ltr, Nitzozyme 1ltr, GreenFuse Root 5ltr, GreenFuse Grow 5ltr, GreenFuse Bloom 5ltr, GreeFuse Humic 5ltr.