Inventor Dehumidifier guarantees quiet operation, with extremely low noise levels and an effective hygienic atmosphere that is moisture free. Comes with ECO mode, which reduce power consumption and save money and energy consumption up to 50% (330Watt).

The hot air flow (10°C to 12°C warmer than the room’s temperature) in combination with the dehumidifying capabilities successfully assist in enhancing the room’s temperature economically and efficiently.Desiccant technology provides economic dehumidification in areas that have limited heating or with temperatures that are well below 15°C.


  • Perfect for areas with little or no heating!
  • Consistent performance, efficient even to temperatures as low as 1°C.
  • Continuous dehumidification mode.
  • Low noise levels during operation due to no compressor within.
  • Energy efficient with the ECO mode function.
  • Quiet Operation.
  • Continuous Drainage
  • Overflow protection
  • 8- hour Timer


Dehumidifying Capacity: 8 L / 24 hours
Power Consumption: 26.7℃ 60%RH)30 / 330 / 650 W
Noise Level: (Low / High) 39 / 43 / 48 db(A)
Air Output: 120 m³/h
Water Tank: 2 L
Dimensions: 351 × 180 × 500 mm
Net Weight: 6.3 kg