Intelligent 8ltr Humidifier

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Low humidity stress can severely affect plants; the growth rate can slow as the plants stomata close to prevent moisture loss. This can result in burnt leaf tips/necrotic growth, wilting, nutrient lockout symptoms, slow/stunted growth and poor root development, to name but a few problems.

Most growers don’t even realise how vitally important high RH levels are for young plants, seedlings and clones.

Ideally in the propagation stage you should aim to have the humidity around 65%-70%, in the vegetative stage aim for 50%-60% and in the flowering stage 40%-50%.

If you’ve never used a humidifier and suffer with low humidity within your grow space, then you’ll be amazed at what a difference getting the RH to the right levels will do for you plants!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION : These humidifiers must be used with RO or de-ionized to avoid damage to the units not covered by warranty.

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