Hydrotops Floral Boost

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Hydrotops floral boost works to increase the weight of your flowers and contains no PGRs. When used with Top Heavy Crop and Triple F, all of which also contain NO PGRs, the end result has left even the most experienced growers impressed.

During the fourth to sixth or seventh week of the bloom period, the plant’s nutritional uptake continues to rise before eventually reaching a climax. During this time the ratios of nutrient assimilation change rapidly. Floral Boost works by enhancing the levels of phosphorous, potassium, magnesium and ammoniacal nitrogen needed for profuse setting of flowers and fruit. The solution pH will fall during this stage, which allows greater assimilation of phosphates needed for profuse fruit and flower production.

A commonly accepted myth in hydroponics is flower boosters and PK products are responsible for greater yields. It is true that during the flowering cycle these products will give the greatest benefit. However, this only happens when your plant has maximised its period of vegetative growth, producing as many flowering sites possible. Less than optimal vegetative growth will only result in less than optimal flowering.

To take this into consideration Hydrotops products are designed for use from propagation through to the third week of the flowering cycle to ensure optimal growth for bumper future flower and fruit development whilst shortening the growing cycle without compromising your yields.

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