Holland Secret: Micro 3 Part

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This complete 3-Part Fertlizer contains all the essential elements and minerals that a plant needs. Available for Soft Water and Hard Water. It can be used with coco, soil or hydro. Holland Secret Micro 3 Part is sediment and urea free. Perfect for novice growers and experts.

Key Features:

  • Automatically buffers pH to acceptable levels for plant growth.
  • 100% sediment free (ie. no precipitation of nutrient salts out of solution and becoming unavailable to plants).
  • Works well for novices and experts alike, because as well as being very easy to use. The three part formula gives precise control over feeding schedules.
  • Extremely low salt index and only the finest raw materials used. Change the ratio between the three bottles to control nutrition for each specific stage of plant growth, as a professional grower would do.
  • It can be used stand-alone without additives as a complete feed program.
Weight 1.1000 kg

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