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Developed by an 8 year old Swedish electronics company specializing in plant science, they have spent two years perfecting the design and spectral output of their top flagship product, the Heliospectra LX601C.
Engineered and designed to illuminate an area approximately 1.2m² (4ft²) per fixture, this 600W LED fixture will perform in the harsh environments of commercial and hobbyist gardens, including Sealed Growing or Closed Growing set-ups.

With its completely customizable and adjustable colour spectrum, growers can use this LED lighting unit within minutes from opening the box and can be used throughout the entire crops life cycle; adjusting the spectrum for optimum growth during both the growth and bloom stages without any loss in yield or quality.

This unit is a complete game changer for growers wanting to use LED lights; not only do you have complete control over the spectrum produced by the unit, you can also change the quality, intensity and duration simply by logging onto the in-built web User Interface. This allows the grower to perfect the ‘Light recipe’ provided to plants; as an example, the head grower of The Grove (Kevin Biernacki) has been able to adjust the LED’s spectrum and eliminate one week of flowering time per cycle to improve the number of harvests per year. As light recipes are adjusted and improved, they can be shared between growers looking to maximise production value.

With new innovative features like the web interface, remote monitoring (via mobile, tablet or laptop), and open API, growers can make the most of this technology to improve and push the limits of known plant production.

The low amount of radiant heat produced by this unit means growers can grow all year round without the worry of an extremely hot environment during the warm months, and get the fixture closer to the canopy without a risk of burn or scorching the tops. This allows the same quantity of crop to be produced with no marked loss of quality.

As the LX601C is completely programmable, there is no need for external timers or contactors; light timing can be programmed directly into the onboard computer software.

Designed with an IP54 splash rating, this unit boasts an impressive and uniform light distribution pattern covering an area 120cm x 120cm (at a distance of 50cm from the plant canopy) using a two-tier optic made from a highly transparent acrylic glass, that will not discolour or yellow for 30 years.
This intelligent LED is also WiFi enabled, allowing the grower to observe cloud-based monitoring, scheduling and control of their light.

To date, LED’s within the horticultural market have mainly been regarded as a gimmick; not one has been taken up by a commercial garden facility as their main source of light.
That was the case until now! Heliospectra have recently sold as many as 700 units to one commercial garden. We can say with confidence that Heliospectra units will produce the goods you’re looking for!


– LED Compsition: 450 nm, 660 nm, 735 nm and 5700K white
– Number of LED’s: 240
– Typical Power Consumption: 600W
– Voltage: 85 to 264VAC, 50/60 Hz or 180 to 305VAC, 50/60 Hz
– Amps: 5.25A @ 120V | 2.6A @ 240V | 2.3A @ 277V
– Heat Value (BTU/h): 2150
– Cooling: Active, variable speed cooling. Fan rated to 70,000 hrs at 40 °C, 60% humidity, 90% CL
– Dimensions: 425 × 219 × 199 mm (16.7″ × 8.6″ × 7.8″)
– Weight: 8 kg (17.6 lbs)
– Operating Temp: 0 to 40 °C (32 to 104 °F)
– Photosynthetic Photon Flux (umol/s): 862 umols/s
– Optics: High transparency, clear acrylic glass. No visible yellowing rated to 30 years
– Target Area: 1.2 x 1.2m (4ft x 4ft) at 0.5m (1.6ft)
– Housing: Powder coated, zink treated sheet metal and durable ABS plastic
– Certifications: MET Certified to UL 1598 & CSA C22.2, CE, RoHS, REACH, EN55015
– Storage temp: -20 to 70 °C (-4 to 158 °F)
– Lifetime: 50,000 hours (at ambient temperature of 25 °C rated life to 70% of initial photon flux)
– Warranty: 3 years.


The C Plate: A high PAR light with the addition of Far-Red (735nm) light. This makes it ideal for flowering crops.
A customizable light ratio of:
– Blue (450nm)
– White (5700K)
– Red (660nm)
– Far-red (735nm)

Weight 8.0000 kg


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