This product is provided as an additive in situations in which the amount of calcium present in the water is
below the recommended levels.

Very soluble, easy to use, quickly assimilated.
Chelated Calcium – EDTA is a stable product that does not interact with other elements.
Strengthens cell membrane and cell walls to protect from pests and insect attacks.
Presented in a powder form, it is very soluble in water. Ca2+ ion is protected by EDTA.
Minimum effort and very easy to use.
Enhances nutrient transportation.
Accelerates cell division and root extension. It does not contain Chlorine.
It’s compatible with all kinds of fertilizers.
It is perfect to solve a lack of Calcium.

when added to water make sure to start mixing immediately.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • 125g
  • 1kg
  • 2.5kg