GN Telos Growcast

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GN Telos Growcast is a next generation mesh grow light controller designed to help growers save energy and grow better plants no matter what lights they have. Growcast uses photometric data collected from different lighting manufacturers to calculate average canopy PPFD values so you can create data driven PPFD schedules for each cultivar and for every stage of growth. Compatible with just about every LED grow light out there, from Dimlux, Gavita, Growers Choice, Lumatek, Luxx, Maxibright, Spectrum King and Spider Farmer to mention a few.

Telos Growcast Compatability:

To check if your LED grow light is compatible with the grow cast light controller visit Telos website here.

Common Grow Light Connection Types:

Different grow light manufacturers use different “dim-in” ports for their lighting designs. Traditionally most grow lights have been designed with an RJ11 port, however, many newer grow light designs use a waterproof M12 push lock connector. The Growcast has a native M12 connection, but an RJ11 adapter comes included in the box to fit either option.

M12 Socket:

RJ14 socket:

To use the included RJ11 or other non-standard lighting adaptor simply push and click the adaptor connectors together.

Non-standard Lighting Adapters:

Telos Growcast is compatible with many different grow lights from a wide range of manufacturers. The included Growcast RJ11 adaptor allows you to connect the Growcast to most major lighting brands. Some manufacturers use non standardised connectors for their dimming ports. We’ve created a range of non-standard adaptors (not included) that will allow you to connect a Growcast to these specialised dimming ports.

Growcast to RJ11 [Type B]

Growcast to M12 twist-lock


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