VitaLink Fulvic

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  • Improves plants uptake and transport of nutrients
  • Fuels rooting, growth and flowering
  • Increases plants’ oxygen uptake and photosynthetic rate

VitaLink Fulvic is a plant growth supplement which contains fulvic acids derived from organic matter in soil. It can be used throughout a plants life cycle to drive nutrient uptake and transport. Using VitaLink Fulvic will maximise the effects of other nutrients and additives on your plants.

VitaLink Fulvic increases your plants oxygen uptake and photosynthetic rate, especially when applied as a foliar spray. This means of application also increases the permeability of the plants membranes, which leads to improved uptake and transport of nutrients.

Fulvic acids are available in the solution over a wide pH range. They act as natural chelating agents preventing precipitation and increasing metal availability to your plants. VitaLink Fulvic is also perfect for rootzone application when your plants are in their fruiting or flowering stage.

Usage instructions:
Foliar application: 10 ml/L as a weekly treatment.
Root zone application: 2 ml/L, use alongside main nutrient.
If required, adjust the pH. Recommended pH range 5.8-6.5. Shake well before use.

VitaLink’s range of additives are specially designed to give optimum results when used alongside VitaLink nutrients.
Ideal for use in all systems and media.
Available in 250ml, 1L and 5L bottles.

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