Ecothrive Eco-Life Supercharged Potting Soil 45ltr

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Eco-Life contains everything a plant needs from seed to harvest, fully loaded with the basic nutrition required for full term growth, with minimal additional inputs required. No deficiencies, no lockouts, no burn… Just perfect beautiful vigorous plants. All you need to do is keep it moist, and use enough soil for the size of the plant, it couldn’t be easier. Plant something. Water it. Watch it grow.

This latest version of Eco-Life is made indoors for full control of the potting soil preparation process. We now use pumice instead of perlite, and premium vermicompost to give growers an even higher quality organic soil. We want to minimise our plastic waste so Eco-Life is now packaged in a cardboard box with a thin LDPE plastic liner that is much easier to recycle.

  • UK made organic living soil
  • Long term nutrition
  • Perfect soil structure and aeration
  • Bursting with biology
  • Eco-friendly production process
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced growers

Eco-Life is a real potting soil, made with organic natural inputs to replicate what happens in nature. It is based on a thriving microbial population to make nutrients available to the plants just when they need it. Healthy plants lead to happy growers, and you will be delighted with the results you can achieve with little more than a pot of soil, some water and basic amendments. No longer do you need to mix up several feeds for different plants, just develop a good watering technique to maintain the optimal soil conditions and you will be amazed at the quality that can be produced.

Eco-Life soil is different to traditional bagged soils and soilless substrates. You do not need to feed your plants with a liquid nutrient formula each time you water, the nutrition is already loaded into the soil, you just need to help the microbes make it available. The basics is just to use good quality water, applied in a sensible manner, and allow the plant to take control.

We have created a blend of naturally sourced inputs that replicates a humus rich fertile soil. All of the ingredients we use are multi-nutritional and offer growth stimulating benefits to maximise plant health, vigour and immunity and by mixing in a range of long, medium and short release ingredients, Eco-Life gives plants everything they need from seed until harvest.

We have done all the work in advance to supercharge the potting soil with our special blend of amendments, and mixed with premium-grade peat, coco and just the right amount of pumice, to give growers a high-quality organic soil that can be used straight out of the bag.

At the end of the plants’ life it will begin to mature naturally, with no need to ‘flush’ in conventional terms. If no additional feeds were added during the grow then there is nothing to remove from the soil, the plant will just stop feeding when it is finished and slow down it’s processes until ready to harvest. There is no need to heavily flood the soil or using any flushing agents.

Eco-Life contains Irish Sphagnum Peat Moss, Coco Coir, Pumice, Vermicompost (Worm Castings), Mealworm Frass (Charge), Neem Cake, Seaweed meal, Crustacean meal, Volcanic Rockdust, Gypsum, Calcium and Magnesium Limestone & Humic and Fulvic Acids. Loaded with organic nutrition, these natural inputs supercharge the potting soil.

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