Cultiwool X-Fibre Mini Slab 25cm

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Cultiwool X-Fibre Mini Slabs are a type of growing medium made from rockwool fibres that are compressed into a rectangular slab shape. They are commonly used in hydroponic systems and soilless growing.

Cultiwool Slabs are available in various sizes, this is the 25cm Cultiwool X-Fibre Mini Slab.

The compressed slab is lightweight and easy to handle, and it can be easily rehydrated by soaking it in water before use. Once the slab is hydrated, it expands and becomes a fluffy, loose growing medium that provides good drainage and aeration.

The fibres in Cultiwool Slabs provide a large surface area for roots to grow and spread, which promotes healthy plant growth. They also help to retain water and nutrients, which can be beneficial in hydroponic systems where the nutrient solution is recirculated.

Cultiwool Slabs are typically used in drip irrigation systems, where the nutrient solution is delivered to the plants from the top or bottom of the slab. The slabs can also be used with Aqua Trays.

Cultiwool Slabs are sterile and free of pests and diseases. This helps prevent contamination and ensures a clean growing environment. They can be used on their own or in combination with other growing media, depending on the specific growing requirements of the plants being grown.

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