Controller Replacement Probe 10m With Pushfit G.A.S 

SKU: 07321


Controller Replacement Probe 10m With Pushfit is the extra long length replacement probe, temperature and humidity sensor, for GAS Controllers. This one comes with the pushfit style connection. Pack of 23.

These controllers use 2 different types of attachment, so it is important to choose the correct option. You will need to remove the back cover to find out which sensor you need.

  • Push Fit Connection – If you bought your GAS product a while ago it’s likely you will have this push fit (exposed wires) style connector. Simple push-fit terminal blocks that again are fairly easily installed. This includes this product, the Controller Replacement Probe 10m With Pushfit.
  • Block Type Connection – The newer G.A.S controllers have this block connector style connection (5m or 10m). They are simple to install. Just remove the old sensor and plug in the new one.

There is a 3rd type but these are first generation ones and these will be soldered on. You will need to get these back to Global Air Supplies who should be able to update them for you.


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