Control Freak 3 Amp Dynamic Frequency Controller

SKU: 06341


  • For use with any traditional AC fan
  • Precise Fan & temperature Control
  • 90 Selectable Speeds
  • No Humming or Buzzing at all
  • Plug & Play Operation
  • Detailed LCD Display
  • Saves Power & Money
  • Automatic or Manual Modes

The Control Freak Fan Controllers are unlike any other fan controller on the market to date.
What makes it unique is how it controls the fan’s speed; different to the traditional fan controllers that either increase the resistance or decrease the voltage supplied to the fan, the Control Freak actually changes the frequency supplied (Hz). By doing so, it gives the user a much wider range of speeds available (10%-100% fan speed). but with the added bonus of being COMPLETELY SILENT!

That’s right, there’ll be no humming or buzzing from your fans when you use the Control Freak.

The Control Freak can control 2x fans with a total load of either 3 or 7 Amps. (Total load, not per side)

It has a detailed Green LCD that shows: Current Temperature, Desired Temperature, Current Fan Speed, Band Width, Maximum Fan Speed & Minimum Fan Speed.

Simply set it to Automatic, set your Min & Max Fan Speed, the Desired Temperature and it’ll work away, adjusting your fan’s speed to maintain your Desired Temperature.

-Two Year Warranty

Weight 4.8000 kg


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