This discounted pack contains all the nutrients needed to work to the Canna Coco nutrient guide.

Small Canna Coco Package included:

Coco A&B 1ltr, Rhizotonic 250mls, Cannazym 250ml, PK 13/14 250ml, Boost Accelerator 250ml, Canna Flush 250ml.

Medium Canna Coco Package include:

Coco A&B 5ltr, Rhizotonic 1ltr, Cannazym 1ltr, PK 13/14 1ltr, Boost Accelerator 1ltr, Canna Flush 1ltr.

Large Canna Coco Package include:

Coco A&B 10ltr, Rhizotonic 5ltr, Cannazym 5ltr, PK 13/14 5ltr, Boost Accelerator 5ltr, Canna Flush 5ltr.