Athena Blended – Balance

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Athena Blended – Balance is a simple formula of potassium silicate specifically concentrated to buffer irrigation water and stabilise to an ideal pH. Silicon additionally benefits plant growth, stem structure, stress reduction, water usage (osmoregulation), and nutrient utilisation.

Commercial growers find better results, particularly with reverse osmosis (RO) water, when buffering first with Athena Balance. Pure RO water has unstable chemical structure that can trap other nutrients when added without a buffer. Athena Balance adds just enough to the water to create a more homogenous fertiliser solution and reduce the need to pH adjust after mixing.

Athena Balance Application Instructions

Recommended for batch tank mixing and Dosatron.

The formula is sediment free however do not use this product with Netaflex (or other electronic dosers) Mix at 5 – 26ml per 10 litres of water to increase pH as needed. Recommended pH is typically 5.5 – 6.5.

Agitate before mixing and dosing to ensure homogenous solution. Balance is compatible with other fertilisers and crop protection products.

Formula is sediment-free and is compatible with mechanical dosing systems. Athena Balance is not recommended for electronic dosing systems.

You can find all feed charts related to Athena Balance here.


Store closed in original packaging in a cool dark place at a temperature between 7°c and 29°c. The product should not be exposed to prolonged periods of direct sunlight. Two year shelf life from manufacturers date if stored properly.

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