Adjusta-Watt 400V e-Lite, Reflector and 1000w Lamp Kit

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The Adjusta-Watt ballast holds all the advantages of a premium digital ballast, but also allows the output of the lamp to be adjusted between 400w, 600w, 1000w and 1100w. The 1000w lamp can also be boosted using the Over-Drive feature for maximum performance. This allows the grower to increase or decrease power to the lamp giving full control over lighting levels in the grow room using just one unit. Supplied with Sol-Digital Dual Spectrum HPS lamp delivering a PAR rating up to 2050 (umol/m2/s)

Choice of Reflector:

All reflectors are made using certified V-Series Aluminium that provides up to 95% reflectivity and excellent diffusion rates. It also includes a 4m RF shielded lamp cord and connector to reduce any type of RF and ADSL interference that may occur when using 400V equipment. All reflectors covers a large area with a uniform light intensity.

Designed to be used with Double Ended (DE) Lamps ONLY. 1 year repair or replace warranty.

  1. DE-Stealth Euro Reflector
    Size: 470mm L x 350mm W x 350mm H
  2. DE-Stealth G-Spot Reflector
    Size: 450mm L x 240mm W x 130mm H
  3. DE-Stealth Parabolic Reflector
    Size: 1000mm D x 220mm H
  4. DE-Stealth XXXL Reflector
    Size: 900mm L x 740mm W x 220mm H

This Lighting System Includes:

  • 1x Adjusta-Watt 400V e-Lite Digital Ballast
  • 1x Reflector (DE-Stealth Euro Reflector / DE-Stealth G-Spot Reflector / DE-Stealth Parabolic Reflector / DE-Stealth XXXL Reflector)
  • 1x Sol-Digital Super HPS 400V DE 1000w Lamp
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