SAME – Progrow, Reliability, Products & Service.

NEW – Website, Categories & Products.

IMPROVED – User experience, Product Range, Product Description.

FAST & DYNAMIC – Search, Page Loading, Ordering & Responsive Design.

MORE – Offers, Discounts, Sales, Competitions, Products, Information and Community.


We are extremely happy to announce that our new website has launched, deigned to function perfectly on a desktop as well as on mobile. There’s a whole host of impactful changes, all to make your online experience on the Progrow site more enjoyable. Some of the changes include the functionality and navigation of our website.

Not only have we improved and changes some features but we have also added new ones, like the reward system.  It works when you open an account with us and for every £100 you spend you will receive £1 worth of reward points added to your account. You will receive 100 reward points free when you set up an account and write us a review, you will then be able to apply discount to your future orders.

Not all the elements of the website are fully functional yet, and we’re working on element to improve user experience in the coming weeks, so keep a look out and stay tuned as there’s even more surprises to come.