1. Sanlight Q6

We love these units and so do our customers! In fact, we haven’t had a single person buy one and not come back for another.  Build quality, reliability, energy savings, lack of high temperature problems plus quality and yield of the end product are just a few of the many reasons why.

2. Gavita Pro 1700e LED

Gavita are probably the best known lighting manufacturer in the industry and have been setting the bar in their field for many years.  Now they’ve done it again with the 1700e – This thing is a beast! Perfectly suited to a 1.2m square tent and. Drawing 645w yet throwing the equivalent usable light of a 1000w HPS bulb with none of the heat issues that would come with one is surely a winning combo!  Yes, they are expensive but are sure to last you many years and coupled with a Master controller, allow ultimate control of your environment.  One word of warning though – Get yourself some decent sunglasses!

3. Sonic Air Pro Humidifier

Global Air Supplies just keep bringing out quality products that we and our customers love.  The Sonic Air pro, unlike most traditional centrifugal humidifiers utilises 12 ultrasonic plates that literally rattle the water into a fine mist which is pushed throughout the grow room by an internal fan. This thing has to be seen to be believed – A truly impressive product that combined with the Intelligent humidity controller or the Enviro Controller, will ensure your day and night humidity requirements are met accurately and consistently

4. Terpenez

Terpenes are part of the essential oils responsible for flavour and aroma found in all plants and fruits.  Developed and produced in California, Terpenez is an organic blend of botanical extracts that will enhance the aroma and flavours in your fruits by instensifing the natural terpene contents within them. Available in 3 profiles and 3 size bottles there is one to suit all requirements.  Terpenez can be used alongside your regular nutrient schedule or simply as a flush and won’t raise your PH or E.C – Customers keep coming back for this time and time again.

5. GHE Flora Coco grow & Bloom

GHE have been pioneers in plant nutrition in the Hydro industry for many years and probably best known for their fantastic 3 part nutrient line that is suitable for all applications.  With many other nutrient companies having separate 2 part bases for veg and bloom and a plethora of additives that can become complicated, we have always been a fan of the simplicity the 3 part provides. Growing in Coco coir and want even more simplicity?  Formulated for exactly that, the 2 part Floracoco Grow and Bloom couldn’t be made any easier.  Rich in Calcium, Magnesium and all the other elements required for a bountiful and tasty crop is 2 bottles and no more.  It’s rare that anyone using this ever wants to try anything else – It just works – that’s why we love it.

6. Aptus Regulator

It’s not a secret that plants love silicon. When absorbed at silicic acid, it will strengthen the cell walls resulting in thicker, stronger stems and branches in turn increasing the plants resilience to stress, boosting photosynthesis and ability to uptake nutrients – all these can only help boost your crops quality and yield.  Our customers have been impressed by this product’s ability to reduce the stretch that often causes issues when triggering the flowering period.  Regulator can be used all the way through the grow and bloom cycles and with a super high concentration rate of 1.5ml per 10l of water, it goes a long way.  Don’t underestimate the power of silicon – get yourself some Aptus regulator and see for yourself.

7. Ecothrive Neutralise

Water companies use a stabilised version of chlorine known as chloramine to protect against harmful bacteria in our drinking water.  Unfortunately, chlorine doesn’t pick and choose which bacteria it kills.  It’s becoming more and more common for growers to add friendly bacteria products such as Biosys, Mykos and Great white shark to their regime to help encourage and protect root growth but using untreated water will greatly reduce their effectiveness. Its common practice to let water stand over night to let chlorine evaporate when soaking cubes/plugs for seedlings or cuttings but most people aren’t treating the water used for the rest of the grow.

Ecothrive Neutralise instantly dechlorinates tap water, in turn, protecting beneficial microbes from the harmful effects of chlorine and chloramine. Taking just 1ml per 20l of tap water, its super concentrated, economical and available in 2 size bottles.A great little edge that is simple to apply to your grow.

8. Parlux 600w linx Grow light kit

At last, a budget digital light kit that packs all the features usually reserved for the more premium brands.  Soft start, hot lamp re-strike and dimming function to name a few.  Supplied with a matching dual spectrum lamp and euro shade these are a great alternative to more expensive kits.

What’s more, when combined with the Parlux Master Controller they can be temperature controlled in 2w increments in groups of up to 80 lights! Again, something usually only achieved by spending much more money on other brands.

9. Parlux Master Controller for Linx lights

If you can operate a tablet or touch screen phone then you’ll have no problems using this great little piece of kit.

With its colour touch screen, this little lighting controller can control the light schedules and temperature of 2 grow rooms containing up to 80 Parlux linx lights each! Simple to use, with 2 separate temperature probes, ballasts daisy chain together using the supplied cables enabling them to be dimmed in 2w increments to achieve the required temperature set on the controller for each grow room.  No more turning ballasts down to 400w when 500w would bring the temperature down enough! The controller also negates the need for separate contactors – another saving on the pocket.  We think these are a great value alternative to other brands that would set you back significantly more to deliver the same feature.

10. Zip-Zag Bags

Not a new product but still one of our favourites and one our customers love and come back for time and time again.  Made in Canada using a unique triple seal and plastic with and oxygen transfer rate lower than any other bag on the market, these re-sealable bags will contain any pungent aroma you can offer them and protect your precious products against oxidisation.  A great (and cheaper) alternative to iron seal bags as you can see the product inside and if used in conjunction with Boveda pouches can be used to burp and cure your products.  These things need to be smelled to be believed! Available in 3 bag and pack sizes to suit all requirements these are a must have for every grower