Spotlight on SANlight

At Progrow, we have always been hesitant to jump into taking on every new LED grow light that hits the market.  Over the years we have seen many come and go in the industry as they just haven’t stood up to their claims.  It’s one thing to come up with a fancy name and snazzy packaging but to actually deliver the promises is another.

Most people have one of two main reasons to make the switch (sometimes both)

Heat – LEDS don’t push out anywhere near the heat watt for watt that traditional HPS do so during the summer months especially when ambient temperatures are higher so can mean the difference between carrying on growing or simply giving up for the season.

Running costs – This is where we need to be careful in choosing the right LED for the Job.  Many manufacturers have made bold claims in the past along the lines of “Our Unit draws 100w from the wall but delivers 1000w to the plants” In most cases this simply isn’t true and or can’t be backed up with science or real world examples. This is where SANlight have started to buck that trend (albeit the claims not so wild and have a proven track record!)

About SANlight

Based in Austria, SANlight, in house, alongside universities and other research institutions, develop and manufacture LED Grow lights using years of experience in horticulture and a level of understanding of photonics and semiconductor technology that will send most people’s heads into a spin.  You only need to check out their Website to get a feel for the sheer amount of research and development that goes into everything they do.

The Q6W

The Q6w has been designed with passive cooling fins that allow the unit to remain cool without the need for noisy fans so operates silently. 6 individual light panels have been utilised with future proofing in mind. Should SANlight improve on them, you will be able to have them upgraded further down the road.  With that said, each unit comes with a 3 year warranty and a guarantee of no light output loss for at least 80,000 hours of use so it’s unlikely you’ll need to worry about that for some time! Also, if one panel were to fail, the remaining panels take up the power so you won’t experience any loss of output while your warranty replacement is arranged.

SANlight have created a light spectrum that is optimised for photosynthesis ensuring that no light is wasted which results in the 215w draw from the wall giving the equivalent to roughly 400w of light produced from a good quality traditional HPS lamp.  Although the Q6w is more than capable of covering a 1m2 space at a distance of 40-45cm from the canopy, we have found that 2 units in the more common size of a 1.2m2 tent is ideal and will more than replace a good 600w HPS actually producing around 200w worth more of usable light while using 30% less electricity. Due to the drastic reduction in heat produced if you pair these fixtures with a modern EC fan the electricity cost savings will only improve.