• Made to Systemair RVK & EC Fan Specifications
  • 55% Open Mesh Filter
  • Galvanised Steel Filter Housing
  • 60mm Carbon Bed (10mm Thicker than Rhino Pro Filters)
  • 660mm Length (60mm Longer than Rhino Pro Filters)
  • Pre-filter Included & Pre-installed
  • Hanging Bracket Built Into Filter Body
  • 18 Month Guarantee

The CarboAir range of Filters use only the highest grade of granular virgin activated carbon for their filters; in fact it’s the only carbon that’s rated to be used in Food & Drink applications. They test every batch of carbon for their filters and if it isn’t up to their high standards, it’s not used. This ensures the same high quality filtration in every filter.
The carbon is also sieved twice to remove any dust that could potentially block or restrict airflow.

The unique thickness of the CarboAir 60 Filters allows a longer contact time between the extracted air and the carbon; this helps to remove extra VOC’s that other filters just can’t handle, ensuring nothing but fresh air leaves your grow space.

Filter Housing
Made from Galvanized Steel, the CarboAir Filters are strong, sturdy and offer a unique 55% open mesh for improved airflow. Due to the size of the carbon used (RC2:4) there is no need for an internal nylon mesh filter (a common feature on other filters to prevent carbon dust from falling out). This allows higher airflow with less back pressure, preventing the fan from slowing down.
After the carbon has been filled into the filter, a special expanding foam collar is inserted before the top of the filter is attached; this prevents the carbon from moving during transit and ensures no gaps in the carbon appear. They’re also cleaned & hoovered before being packed, so mess is kept to an absolute minimum when being installed.
Finally, two hanging brackets are riveted into the filter case to aid easy installation.

Available in 7 sizes:

  • 150mm x 660mm 1350m3/hr
  • 200mm x 660mm 1700m3/hr
  • 250mm x 660mm 2000m3/hr
  • 250mm x 1000mm 3100m3/hr
  • 315mm x 660mm 2450m3/hr
  • 315mm x 1000mm 3600m3/hr
  • 315mm x 1200mm 4250m3/hr