Here you’ll find the different sizes of measuring syringes and pipettes that you need for the high levels of precision that professional growers require when administering nutrients and booster dosages to their plants.

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Take the guesswork out of the hydroponic growing process with the right tools that allow you to make highly accurate measurements. Simply put, knowing how to use a measuring syringe and a pipette correctly to control the PH levels and nutrients in a substrate is what separates the professional growers from the hobbyists.

What is a Gardening Syringe?

Everyone is familiar with the term syringe, but they may not be aware of its exact definition. A syringe is not a needle; rather, it's an apparatus used for injecting liquid into or drawing it up through a membrane.

Not all syringes are used in medical applications either, and a gardening or measuring syringe is a large syringe used by botanists, professional hydroponic growers, and others who tend to plants and demand a high level of control over chemical makeup of the growing medium.

With a measuring syringe, there are no splashes or spills. This is important as pesticides, nutrients, and other supplements can be costly and every single drop counts.

What is a Pipette?

A pipette is a long, thin tube with a bulb at the end that is used for moving and measuring out small amounts of liquid with great accuracy. They are often used by laboratory scientists.

For hydroponic growing, it pays to have plastic pipettes, as unlike the glass pipettes that are used in laboratories, these plastic models don't shatter. Gardening pipettes are disposable, but they are also incredibly cheap (just pennies). It is always a good idea to have a reasonably large quantity of pipettes on hand as they are incredibly effective when it comes to transferring small quantities of solution safely and quickly without any spillage. Each individual pipette comes in its own sterile packaging.

When to Use a Syringe and When to Use a Pipette?

A syringe made from heavy duty plastic can be re-used with most liquids, provided that it is thoroughly rinsed out after each use. However, you cannot use a measuring syringe with pH down acid or pH up alkalis as both will destroy the rubber seal at the end of the plunger. Instead, for adjusting the pH levels with acid or alkalis specifically designed for this purpose, use one of your disposable pipettes.