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Global Air Supplies has developed CarboAir Filters in collaboration with Systemair, the world’s leading ventilation technology brand. CarboAir offers the highest level of quality and outstanding air flow.

CarboAir filters have a thicker carbon bed therefore will last longer compared to other brands and ensure nothing but fresh air leaves your grow space.

Progrow sells both 50mm and Pro 60mm bed of carbon which are ideal for small, medium and large grow rooms. The 50mm filters are light and compact and offer great air flow. The 60mm filters are more powerful and contain nearly twice as much carbon compared to a standard filter. Each filter is handmade in Europe which allows better quality control and comes with 18 months guarantee, so you can be sure that this filter won’t let any smell leave your growing space.

G.A.S uses only the highest quality material to make their filters. The carbon used to make CarboAir filters is tailored made, as well as the filter mesh which is 55% open for the best air flow through CarboAir. CarboAir has been tested by SystemAir to make sure it works at it’s peak performance.