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Pro GrowRoom PG120 120x120x200

Pro GrowRoom PG120 120x120x200

Price: 109.90  
Heavy Duty Lighting Timer

Heavy Duty Lighting Timer

Price: 8.00  
Rope Ratchet Hangers

Rope Ratchet Hangers

Price: 7.95  (3 or fewer items)
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Adjusta-Watt with Parabolic DLP Reflector 600w HPS

Delivery Schedule: 1-2 Working Days
Price: 168.95  (3 or fewer items)
Price: 152.06  (4 to 11 items)
Price: 135.16  (12 or more items)
This lighting system includes the Adjusta-Watt Digital Ballast, Parabolic DLP Reflector and Dual Spectrum lamp. The Adjusta-Watt ballast holds all the advantages of a premium digital ballast but also allows the output of the lamp to be adjusted between 250w, 400w and 600w. The 600w lamp can also be boosted using the Over-Drive feature for maximum performance. This allows the grower to increase or decrease power to the lamp giving full control over lighting levels in the grow room using just one unit.

The Dual Lamp Position Parabolic Reflector allows the lamp to be positioned in either a horizontal or vertical burning position depending on your requirements. With the lamp mounted horizontally, the reflector will provide better light penetration as well as excellent uniformity. With the lamp mounted vertically, the reflector will provide outstanding uniformity with virtually no hot spots meaning that less heat is directed into the plant canopy. This is a popular configuration for use in grow tents. The reflectors large size gives a really wide coverage even at low mounting heights making it ideal for use in areas with restricted head room.

-Supplied with Sol-Digital Dual Spectrum HPS lamp delivering up to 93'500 lumens!

For more information about the Adjusta-Watt Digital Ballast and to view the reflector, click the links in the related products section.

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