Sol-Digital Super HPS lamps have an enhanced colour spectrum with more ‘blues and reds’ to produce a higher amount of PAR light for faster growing, higher yielding and better quality plants. Also available in DE (Double Ended).

They have enhanced spectral stability over varying power outputs making them perfect for use with variable output and ‘dimming’ digital ballasts.

  • Optimised for use with high and low frequency ballasts
  • Enhanced spectral stability at fluctuating power levels
  • High PAR light for all stages of plant growth
  • Perfect for use with variable output or ‘dimming’ ballasts
  • Low THD when paired with Sol-Digital lighting systems
  • Compatible with electronic and magnetic ballasts

Available in 4 sizes:

PAR Value:410 umol/m2/s

PAR Value: 700 umol/m2/s

90’000-93’500 Lumens
PAR Value: 1160 umol/m2/s

PAR Value: 1900 umol/m2/s
130’000 – 141’500 lumens

1000w 400v Double Ended
PAR Output: 2050 umol/m2/ss