Secoh are a Japanese company that have been making electromagnetic linear air pumps since their conception in 1966 and produce exceptionally fine quality units. They are hard to beat in terms of quality, reliability, performance and noise level. They are virtually silent in operation. This pump is supplied with a 3 way manifold but is easily capable of running 6 air-lines by splitting each outlet into two using 6mm airline tees.

  • Optimal Pressure – 0.15bar
  • Pump Capacity – 10 l/min (Flow rate per 4mm outlet will be less)
  • Sound Level – 30 db (A)
  • Max Power – 9w @ 100mbar
  • Dims (LxWxH) – 175.5x138x94 (mm)
  • Connection – 6mm Ø
  • Net Weight – 1.2 kg

Key Benefits:

  • Low noise level-30db (A)
  • Long life expectancy- up to 35,000 hours
  • Rainproof enclosure-Conforms to UL1450
  • Low power consumption-electromagnetic principle offer high efficiency
  • Oil free- guarantees contamination free air flow
  • Compact and light weight construction-motor and pump parts combined in single construction
  • Low vibration-pump casing separated from outer casing by isolastic anti vibration mounts
  • Very little pulsation-smooth airflow delivery
  • CE compliant