Why Grow Inside?

When people first discover Hydroponics, there are usually two initial questions:

  1. What is it?
  2. Why grow inside?

Well, I want to take a look at both of these questions and introduce you to the fantastic world of growing plants, herbs, fruit and vegetables indoors.

 So, what is Hydroponics!?

Hydroponic gardening is a technique for growing plants with far more control over their survival, growth rate and flourishment. It enables us to closely monitor and control the growing environment, far more than we can with plants grown in natural soil. The roots of your plants have constant access to oxygen and nutrients, supplied directly into the water supply, this means the plants can then grow bigger and stronger, should that be the desired effect.

Of course, if we’re managing the roots of our plants with that degree of intensity, then it figures we should also care for the other areas of the plant in the same way. Hydroponics means we can control temperature, light and humidity and keep the plants free of pests, bugs and diseases found in soil.

 Now you’ve told me that, how do these advantages relate to me?

As explained above, there are many advantages for growing indoors, like healthier, stronger and bigger plants and the ability to control the growing environment. In real world terms, this mean that the options for what we can grow are increased.

Traditional gardening is limited to seasonal vegetables or certain climates for different fruits etc. Even if you do get a great patch of produce, you are still susceptible to attacks from external elements, e.g. an unexpected frost, slugs or fruit flies.

Growing indoors allows for growing all year around, of top quality, strong and tasty produce!